First, pass your passenger vehicle driving test organised by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. You must pay registration fees of up to €170.

Once you’ve passed the exam, you must gather the following documents so that you can receive your professional card in 3 months:

1) Proof of address

2) Proof of identity

3) A valid category B licence held for more than 3 years

4) A medical certificate issued by a qualified doctor (the list is available on the centre's website) that confirms you are physically fit to transport passengers

5) Proof that you have passed the PHV exam

You must also:

> Request your PHV card from the local council/authority for the area in which you reside

> Choose your legal status

> Carry out all formalities required to set up your business so that you can receive your ‘Extrait K-bis’ (company registration certificate)

> Buy or rent a suitable vehicle and insure it

> Sign up to the PHV drivers register

Now all you have to do is start your business!

Please be aware that your PHV card is valid for 5 years only. After this period, you must apply for a renewal of your card if you wish to continue your PHV business. For this you will need to complete 14 hours of further training.