PHV drivers, is renting for you?

You are about to start out as a PHV driver

The first question that comes to mind as a future driver is whether to buy or rent a vehicle. Some people who enter the PHV driver business initially do not have the necessary means to invest in a service vehicle and often do not enjoy the support of banking organisations to purchase one.

Renting then becomes THE ideal solution which will allow you to get started quickly. This turnkey solution comes into effect as soon as a contract established between the two parties has been signed, and a security deposit has been paid. With our Lightweight (Légèreté) service, your bank card pre-authorisation is enough.

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Buy or rent ?

The contracts we offer include 24/7 Europcar assistance and vehicle servicing as well as maintenance throughout the rental period. In the event of a technical breakdown, a replacement vehicle may be available for you*.

Bettercar is the flexible, no-obligation offer ‘par excellence’ that stands out from the competition!

So get ready to start your business!

(*see general terms and conditions)

You are uncertain whether to buy or rent your vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, it means you would own it but you’d also have to take on all the additional costs. If you breakdown, you could face large unexpected fees on top of the monthly repayments of bank loans you may be paying.

This long-term financial commitment may be attractive if you earn a stable income, but it is difficult for a PHV driver to keep a steady flow of income. Moreover, you will have to wait several years to pay off the cost of your vehicle and therefore make your business profitable.

If you buy your vehicle, you must also consider the opportune moment to sell it on, and calculate its incremental depreciation in order to minimise losses.

Day-to-day use of your car

Renting a car will allow you to operate your business under the best conditions without having to worry about unexpected fees linked to the day-to-day use of your car. If you have a technical breakdown, all you have to do is give us a quick phone call and we will send you a replacement vehicle so that you can be back on the road in no time.

By renting, you don't have to worry about the ups and downs, you can just drive with complete peace of mind!

(*see general terms and conditions)

What I like about Bettercar is the trust placed in the professionals, their flexibility, tranquillity and value for money.